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Last NZ Pictures

Location: Manly, Australia

Pictures from our last week or so in New Zealand, hope you like them, Amy is even smiling in one I think (well almost).

15 Aug 2005, 6:41AM

The Champagne pool, a huge thermal pool in Rotorua - the water is over 75degrees and stinks of sulphur.

15 Aug 2005, 6:13AM

Amy and I stood in front of one of the thermal pools in Rotorua (a rarity, a photo we are both in).

14 Aug 2005, 12:53PM

Great naturally heated swimming pool in Rotorua, about 40 degress in the small pools at the side.

15 Aug 2005, 5:25AM

Me stood in front of a geyser in Rotorua, sets off everyday at 10.15.

12 Aug 2005, 4:10AM

Me feeding a dolphin in Napier (not the most interesting caption I know, but it's about all I can say).

12 Aug 2005, 4:10AM

One of the dolphins that Amy and I fed in Napier.

15 Aug 2005, 7:29AM

Bubbling mud in Rotorua, does this all the time, very strange.

12 Aug 2005, 5:05AM

A Blue Penguin, Amy queued to have chance to have one of these sit on her lap, along with all the other children!!!!