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First pictures from Australia

Location: Sydney, Australia

Early pictures from our first couple of weeks in Sydney, including some fascinating pictures of our flat!

26 Aug 2005, 10:20AM

This is the Manly ferry which runs between, surprise surprise, Manly and Sydney central. This is how I comute to work each day, just about beats the Uxbridge Rd commute on a wet Monday morning.

26 Aug 2005, 10:36AM

I think you all know what this one is, won't say anymore.

28 Aug 2005, 11:37AM

Me in the jacuzzi which we share with the other people in the apartment block.

19 Aug 2005, 10:37AM

Again, no explanation needed, both this and the bridge picture taken from the Manly ferry, have not got bored of the view yet travelling into work.

28 Aug 2005, 11:22AM

A thrilling picture of our living room, as you can see, lighty and airy and in Estate Agent parlance, 'bijou', i.e. small. Beats sweaty hostels though!

28 Aug 2005, 11:20AM

Amy sat on our balcony which overlooks a courtyard with a couple of bars and cafes.

10 Sep 2005, 7:41AM

Me in the living room. Not a lot else I can see really. Note the lilies in the background, which I bought for Amy to make up for staggering through the door very late, completely out of it after a work night out.

28 Aug 2005, 11:23AM

For some reason Amy decided that you all need to see what our bathroom looks like, I think it is the novelty of not having to share it with 30 other backpackers, as we have mostly done for the last 6 months. Note matching towels. Very exciting. Really.