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Random pictures from Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Random pictures from last few weeks in no proper order.

1 Oct 2005, 9:19AM

Bridge, Opera House, Manly ferry. Three Sydney icons.

10 Sep 2005, 9:30AM

The Opera House. And Amy. The suns out, not that common an occurence in Sydney believe it or not.

1 Oct 2005, 12:58PM

Good picture of the bridge (well I think so), taken from the ferry to Darling Harbour.

29 Oct 2005, 12:29PM

Me sat on Bondi Beach, reading PG Wodehouse. I don't think the locals were impressed.

10 Sep 2005, 9:05AM

Amy on the ferry with big sun glasses, looking a touch windswept.

8 Oct 2005, 12:42PM

The 'Three Sisters', as described in Aboriginal folklore, at the Blue Mountains.

29 Oct 2005, 11:46AM

Amy in front of Bondi. Nice beach and we had to say we had ben there, but not as civilised as Manly!

15 Oct 2005, 9:09AM

A picture of the pavillion at the SCG where I went to see the World XI get royally battered by Australia, with only Flintoffs' bowling and 4 sixes to get excited about.