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Latest from Australia

Location: Sydney, Australia

A few photos from Amy's trip up West Coast and a weekend we had in Moreton Island, Queensland.

15 Nov 2005, 7:17AM

Amy feeding Kangaroo.

15 Nov 2005, 6:54AM

A Koala. Amy got to stroke one somewhere, not sure where, as I was at work!

19 Nov 2005, 1:46PM

Amy on Moreton Island.

16 Nov 2005, 6:16AM

They like big pointless things in Australia. Hence the giant banana. On their trip Amy and her parents also saw the giant scampi, other sights include other giant fruit, animals etc... All very strange and very pointless.

20 Nov 2005, 7:53AM

The picture you have all been waiting for - me in a skintight wet-suit. Not a pretty sight is it? Am just on way to snorkel over the wrecks which was very cool.

20 Nov 2005, 11:45AM

One of the sand dunes in Moreton Island. We tobogganed down a huge dune, really good fun apart from the destroyed shorts and the sand which is still in my eyes 4 days later.

21 Nov 2005, 11:18AM

Bryan (Amy's Dad) feeding the fish by one of the wrecks just off the beach off Moreton Island.

19 Nov 2005, 12:07PM

The main beach on Moreton Island.