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Some Xmas photos

Location: Manly, Australia

A few pictures from Xmas and a few random others.

25 Dec 2005, 7:17AM

Me eating mince pie on beach on Christmas day, Manly Beach. You can see that my face is already going red from the sun after just 15 minutes, as Xmas day here was very hot.

25 Dec 2005, 8:42AM

Amy with 'wacky' reindeer ears, on Manly beach on Christmas morning.

26 Dec 2005, 8:46AM

Amy and I in the crowd at the start of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race on Boxing Day.

25 Dec 2005, 4:24PM

Amy with another wacky hat in the jacuzzi.

17 Dec 2005, 7:43AM

Giraffes at Taronga Zoo, with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background.

26 Dec 2005, 9:28AM

View of the boat race from the North Head. You can see Sydney CBD in the distance.

25 Dec 2005, 9:07AM

Amy and I on Manly Beach on Christmas Day. Kept t-shirt on for a while, then took it off later and in true English man on the beach style, got sun-burnt. probably the only time in my life when I will get sun-burnt on Christmas Day!

18 Dec 2005, 4:29PM

Amy with Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson from Neighbours) at a neighbours night she went to. (I managed to get out of this one).