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Various from Qld and NSW

Location: Queensland, Australia

Some pictures from time up in Queensland and a final couple from Sydney.

13 Jan 2006, 7:06PM

Sydney Harbour Bridge taken from the Manly ferry, lit up on the way back home on New Years Eve.

13 Jan 2006, 4:12PM

Amy at the top of the Sydney Sky Tower, the highest restaurant in the Southern Hemisphere, where we had great dinner, care of Amy's grandparents, so big thanks to them for that.

18 Jan 2006, 11:03AM

Papa Thorp and I on a suspension bridge near Mossman Gorge in North Queensland (At the start of our trip, so Dad looks rather pale).

14 Jan 2006, 6:49AM

Me all kitted up on a kayaking trip given to me as a leaving present by Fosters.

25 Jan 2006, 7:52AM

Whitehaven, off the coast of Whitsunday Island.

21 Jan 2006, 10:45AM

Dad and I in the rainforest near Cape Tribulation in North Queensland.

23 Jan 2006, 7:36AM

A small, cuddly animal... and a koala. I should be a comedian.

25 Jan 2006, 8:28AM

Dad and I with smart stinger suits, preparing for a swim in Whitehaven.