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New Year pics

Location: Sydney, Australia

A few pics from New Year and the 2 weeks after in Sydney.

9 Jan 2006, 10:29AM

Me sand-boarding, not going too fast, not exactly stream-lined and aerodynamic.

7 Jan 2006, 2:09PM

Amy outside the Opera House.

9 Jan 2006, 4:59PM

Me playing the 'didge' on our eco-tour. I am the best didgeridoo player ever - it's official!

9 Jan 2006, 10:25AM

Amy sandboarding near the Myall Lakes national park. She managed to go much further than me.

7 Jan 2006, 6:23PM

Amy on the way to see Madame Butterfly at the Opera House.

31 Dec 2005, 8:09PM

Fireworks on New Years Eve, on Sydney Harbour Bridge.