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Blake's farewell

Location: London, UK

The last goodbye for Blake in London, see you in Oz.

Sept 2006 - Blake and Amy.. what a nice pic.

Sept 2006 - Lyndall and Blake cheesy smiles all round. Note Blake's shirt North Vancouver Fire Dept.. should go down well with the locals in Canada.

Sept 2006 - Laura doing her best smouldering look with Jed cheesing it up.

Sept 2006 - Blake and his cousin Gemma... check out the Freddo smiles!!

Sept 2006 - Laura and Jed cracking up at Lyndall trying to take a 'nice' photo.

Sept 2006 - Lyndall showing her best smiley face.

Sept 2006 - A self take of Blake at Lyndall's flat when he was suitably tipsy.

Sept 2006 - Rebel and Emma.