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Heading North

Location: East Coast, Australia

A further samples of my travels to keep you distracted in work!

22 Feb 2008, 11:44AM

Welcome to The Sunshine State! Gold Coast, QLD

20 Feb 2008, 5:50PM

Byron Bay Beach

23 Feb 2008, 11:54AM

Ringo becomes a city bus driver for the day

23 Feb 2008, 12:18PM

Brisbane City Hall.

24 Feb 2008, 11:59AM

Brisbane from Mt. Cootha

23 Feb 2008, 1:27PM

Brisbane Skyline

24 Feb 2008, 4:19PM

Water Dragon and babies... OK kidding the BIG one is a sculpture, small are real!

24 Feb 2008, 2:15PM

Neil Amrstrong's Space Suit - Planetarium, Brisbane

25 Feb 2008, 3:17PM

.....XXXX Brewery!

Frankie gets into his sample at the....

27 Feb 2008, 12:05PM

Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach.

26 Feb 2008, 4:37PM

My my how many tins of pineapple would you get....