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Istanbul and Goreme

Location: Istanbul & Goreme, Turkey

The Ghetto tour was off to an excellent start in Turkey. Istanbul proved to be an amazing place with friendly people. A strange mix of Europe and of the Middle East. Goreme was an amazing landscape, like the moon with amazing cave shelters and underground cities.

16 May 2001, 10:24AM

Paul Brenner shows us the hoppa salute in Goreme. He's in a cave dwelling that dates BC sometime. He looks a bit like a troglodyte does he not?

12 May 2001, 3:08PM

Paul Brenner was popular with the locals. He almost had celeb status in Istanbul. Here he is being interviewed for a local school newspaper.

16 May 2001, 2:57PM

NickyJ climbs up to a cave dwelling high above the ground. We considered stairs would have been an excellent improvement on some of these places.

16 May 2001, 12:28PM

The Fairy chimneys - hard rock left high after softer rock erodes around it. Looks amazing huh! Some would say fairy chimney is a fairly tame name for them.

12 May 2001, 2:32PM

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Very pretty. Very noisy five times a day and somewhat smelly inside (no shoes allowed). Still worth a visit.

17 May 2001, 1:07PM

This is Nick sitting way out on a rock. Sheer drops on either side. You don't get more extreme than the Ghetto.

16 May 2001, 12:02PM

We took some mountain bikes for a spin. This was alot of fun through the crazy landscapes in Cappadoccia.

13 May 2001, 9:34PM

Its the boys from the Ghetto in front of the Blue Mosque at night.

17 May 2001, 3:07PM

PB - man of action hoons around the track. He could be pod racing in Star Wars and it would look the same.

16 May 2001, 1:58PM

SOJ strikes a pose. What Planet is this? He is thinking looking around.