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Coastal Turkey

Location: Turkey

After an eternity in London, followed by crazy Istanbul and then wild Goreme, it was definitley time for the ghetto tour to get chilled. A cruise on the med from Olympos to Oludinez followed by some extreme relaxing was in order.

23 May 2001, 9:05AM

Its this blue - says Nick as he treads water in Butterfly Valley. Everytime the boat stopped a swim session such as this one was required.

21 May 2001, 7:30PM

Sunset taken from the boat. This may just be a page of postcards.

23 May 2001, 6:50PM

PB gets off the boat for a stroll and takes in the view.

23 May 2001, 10:22AM

This is Kerrie-Leigh - she's not a country singer. But she is from Queensland. She most definitely is not from Gympie, contrary to our suspicions. Nice socks.

19 May 2001, 9:16PM

Nick and an eternal flame at Olympos. These flames just burned out of the ground. Nick even discovered you could light new ones. We had to restrain him.

29 May 2001, 12:16PM

Timmisus, Nickodemus and Kerriella. Roman ruins at Ephesus. Silly photo.

21 May 2001, 4:02PM

Nick looking the most active of all.

21 May 2001, 3:57PM

Tim, Kerrie, Paul, Lesleigh, Lori and Ali on the boat. You can see they're all very active.

25 May 2001, 8:03AM

Nick went parasailing in Oludinez, this is how it looked. James is in the shute in front.

23 May 2001, 10:55AM

James, Matt, Ahmed, Lori, Tim, Trudie, and no other than Paul Brenner. Resting on the way up to the waterfall at Butterfly Valley. That waterfall sure was dissappointing.