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Location: Greece

Three weeks in Greece, ten photos. Doesn't really do it justice but such are the limitations of the all powerfull ghetto web machine. Greece was filled with alot of beautiful beaches, mountains and women. Many rude people too. The only clouds were those on the mountains.

17 Jun 2001, 2:16PM

This is Nick buried in pebbles. If any one needs to speak with him he can still be found at this beach. We always hated him.

16 Jun 2001, 4:25PM

After a ridiculous amount of days on the beach we decided it was time to exercise. We walked into the mountains from Kardamyli. The mountains are behind this postcard picture of a church

17 Jun 2001, 5:14PM

ROUND 2 - FIGHT. Pebble gets thrown, pebble gets thrown back, towel gets thrown, towel gets thrown in the water, Nick gets dragged to the water ... six weeks on holiday it had to come to blows.

17 Jun 2001, 3:44PM

The obligatory beach photo. Paul, Matt, Nick and Fabio. Note the tans. Ignore the pebble action. Although we actually kind of got used to the pebbles - good taxi driver style beaded seat massage. We digress.

31 May 2001, 8:50PM

Samos harbour. Needs no witty comment.

18 Jun 2001, 3:55PM

On your marks! The boys line up for the 120m sprint at the original track at the ancient olympics. We tried to run nude, but they told us to put our clothes back on. Oh and PB won by a mile.

10 Jun 2001, 12:10PM

Ios - party isle. This is the scene of all the debauchery. Paul Brenner is not in the photo, he is recovering in the hotel bathroom.

7 Jun 2001, 8:31PM

Santorini. Windmill, sunset. God when is this awful holiday going to end?

16 Jun 2001, 4:45PM

More time spent waiting for Nick with his bloody camera. Still he takes a pretty good photo.

13 Jun 2001, 8:53PM

Matt looked up a cheap good eatery in Athens. You can't quite see it, but we are sitting in dirty half constructed garage on the side of the road. The food came from over the road and was less than average (which for Greece is pretty bad). We loved it, just look at the joy on Nick's face. He didn't order, they brought him food anyway.