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Location: Rome, Italy

Rome - the ancient capital of the World. Oh, there's some photos from Pompeii here as well. Italy has proven to be full of amazing art and old things. The Ghetto has been well impressed and overwhelmed by the ancient action.

21 Jun 2001, 7:48PM

Pizza in Naples. Tim ordered the small. After a month of Greek food this was just the right size. No he's not drunk.

21 Jun 2001, 2:08PM

This is the amphitheatre at Pompeii. Once covered in lava by a volcano now back in action as a tourist site. Pretty good work for people with no electricity.

24 Jun 2001, 8:15PM

Scooters, soccer fans and the Colosseum. Rome in a nutshell.

21 Jun 2001, 4:46PM

The public baths at Pompeii. Pretty amazing. It was pretty hot, unfortunately the baths weren't in operation.

23 Jun 2001, 3:17PM

PB in the Pantheon. A rare tourist free moment in the eerie shaft of light.

23 Jun 2001, 1:42PM

What's this monument PB? I don't know, there are so bloody many of them I've lost track... It was pretty cool anyway.

24 Jun 2001, 11:18AM

The pope angrily pursued Nick from the Sistene Chapel after he took this illegal shot of the great work. Paul Brenner did not approve. Tim was happy to take from the catholic church.

23 Jun 2001, 3:28PM

Is that the Ghetto boys? No, its a very Roman fountain.

24 Jun 2001, 12:56PM

St Peters in Rome. It was number 50 Massive - yeah. We had to share a pair of pants (thats trousers for you English) around to get in. Thirty degrees and we had to cover our knees. More comments from Tim on catholicism ensued.