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Northern Italy

Location: Italy

After Rome the Ghetto invaded Northern Italy for a bit more culture. The land of monuments continued to impress us with its art and monuments. Not too many monuments on this page, thought we'd spare you from them.

25 Jun 2001, 11:05PM

The Duomo of Florence at night, very nice town, lots of atmosphere. The people in front are all American tourists. Who knows where the locals went? 'Don't you take American dollars?'

30 Jun 2001, 10:48AM

Paul Brenner spots the first Venetian blind in Venice. Well done Pauly, you are a top Aussie.

29 Jun 2001, 9:15PM

Italy is not only the land of monuments, its the land of Scooters. As you can see this one is going like the clappers, he's probably aiming at an Australian pedestrian.

26 Jun 2001, 2:07PM

We couldn't decide which was more beautiful, Paul or the view. We took a photo of both. Okay so it was the view.

29 Jun 2001, 10:27PM

The Duomo of Padova by night. Bloody superb. Another bloody church, it had the biggest domes, or the most ... or something.

29 Jun 2001, 9:17PM

LOV-EL-Y Ainhoa Pinero Martinez. We could say something about her getting her leg over in Padova, but we won't. The ghetto is strictly G rated.

26 Jun 2001, 9:01PM

Florence at sunset. Tranquil.

30 Jun 2001, 11:09AM

How Venice is that? We didn't go for a punt.

1 Jul 2001, 4:10PM

Look at the smile on his face! On the way out of Italy we had to get off the train for this shot. There was even a Brennerpub in Brenner. Wonder if they had a lovepit. They only serve half pints there.

30 Jun 2001, 12:28PM

Venice, canals, bridges, gondolas, pretty scenes - you get the picture.