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Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Geez we liked Austria. We were only there for four days but we did enjoy it. Lots of mountains and fields. There was a monument that we took no notice of.

2 Jul 2001, 12:11PM

Okay, Nick is officially obsessed with bugs. Welcome to the bugs of Europe website. This little fellow smelt Nick's fingernail grime and started to take flight.

2 Jul 2001, 11:00AM

The hike. As you can see PB was charging, leading the way to the top of the mountain with a long German name.

2 Jul 2001, 2:56PM

LOV-EL-Y Ainhoa contemplates jumping after four days with the Ghetto crew.

2 Jul 2001, 2:23PM

Halfway up the mountain with a long German name, the Ghetto crew take a photo break. Is it that warm Nick?

2 Jul 2001, 12:47PM

The hills are alive with the sound of music...

4 Jul 2001, 11:25AM

The BMX bandit. Bad haircut number two - thanks to different blade standards on Austrian clippers and language difficulties, Tim lost all his blonde locks and became a skinhead.

2 Jul 2001, 4:04PM

Bad haircut number 1. After so many request for a closeup of blonde Tim - here it is. Oh and a nice view too.

2 Jul 2001, 3:58PM

From hot beach to snow, the Ghetto tour has seen it all. We made it to the top of the mountain with the very long German name.

4 Jul 2001, 12:51PM

Nick Jacobs, loves German efficiency, but not laws about riding on pedestrian bridges.

3 Jul 2001, 8:02PM

Innsbruck - as Ainhoa would say - 'Its LOV-EL-Y, its so nice'.