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Paris and Brittany

Location: France

France, a bit colder, monuments and scenery. Its a bit too close to London for our liking. People turned out to not be as rude as everyone kept telling us. Nothing compared to the Greeks. Could be that Tim keeps insisting on speaking dodgey French to them. One girl even laughed at him.

9 Jul 2001, 11:54AM

The coffee table book 'Nick mounts things in Europe' will be available soon.

9 Jul 2001, 11:40AM

'Was I actually pushing the bike there?' asked Paul Brenner of this photo. He found some of the rocky trails of Brittany a bit of a challenge on his circa 1980 bike.

9 Jul 2001, 11:17AM

Pretty village in Brittany. Ugly men on bikes.

10 Jul 2001, 10:35AM

Nickos and Paul on kayaks exploring the caves. Don't drop that camera.

6 Jul 2001, 12:17PM

The Eiffel Tower - 'he's tall enough to have two bums!'. Quote from top Aussie Ron thats been picked up and run with on the Ghetto tour. The Ghetto boys go CK for this pic.

5 Jul 2001, 10:39PM

Hotel D'Alsace in Paris. The classiest establishmennt in Paris. We stayed three nights. We bought all our souvenirs for you all from the shop next door. Dominator anyone?

7 Jul 2001, 5:19PM

Arty, Arty, Arty. The embodyment of Paris. Nick used best-shot selector - black and white - ultra open shortest path first mode on his Nikon. Bloody geek.

6 Jul 2001, 2:58PM

Paul Brenner lets his big secret out in Paris. Stroke it up big boy.

11 Jul 2001, 6:36PM

Nick after the adrenalin filled wave death experience to get to the end of this 80m cave. You can't see the waves properly here but you can see how deep it is.

9 Jul 2001, 12:19PM

Scenes from the coast of France. Thats where we kayaked. Very nice.