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Southern France

Location: France

Not the South of France that everyone talks about but still pretty good. These were the last days of Paul Brenner for the tour which is kind of sad. We didn't even have that many photos of him. C'est la vie.

17 Jul 2001, 10:14AM

This is Paul Brenner in front of the town hall in Toulouse. He looks sad because he is about to finish touring and go home.

15 Jul 2001, 2:49PM

Nick lost it with the French and decided to take a leap from Europe's biggest sand dune. No injuries ensued luckily.

13 Jul 2001, 11:00PM

Bastille day in Bordeaux. Our timing couldn't have been better. Look at those crackers. Ignore the rain drops. It never rains on the Ghetto tour.

13 Jul 2001, 11:53AM

Timbo and Paul Brenner in front of a fountain in Bordeaux. You can't really see it, but it was full of naked people and horses.

14 Jul 2001, 3:16PM

PB and Tim get stuck into a tasty red. 'This one's a little bit tarty don't you think Paul?'. 'Yes, must be all the chimicals Tum.'

14 Jul 2001, 3:07PM

Look at all that wine! Nice red wine. Smelled very nice. Tasted nice too. But as a New Zealander uncovered for us, they used chimicals in the process of making it.

15 Jul 2001, 2:51PM

It's Tim Ronayne and his amazing invisible flying chair. It came in handy over the big sandune.

14 Jul 2001, 9:57PM

Even better than the crackers was the sunset we saw over Bordeaux. Bastille sunset is the title of this work of art.

15 Jul 2001, 4:09PM

Paul Brenner and Tim Ronayne lost in the desert. They have deserts in France you know. NASA called us, we're going in the SPACE shuttle.