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Location: Aragon, Spain

Aragon was both beautiful and warm. So warm in fact each morning we would say 'Shes warm', just like an Aussie farmer. Anyway, the photos will prove that both these adjectives are correct.

2 Aug 2001, 11:41AM

We were more than a little disturbed by this sign. We know that bulls in Spain aren't exactly happy with humans. How fast can bulls run anyway? Only in Spain.

2 Aug 2001, 11:04AM

This is Nick during our 60km ride. The flat tyre he is fixing on that baking hot field was most welcome.

30 Jul 2001, 12:07PM

This is Torla, the ultra picturesque village we stayed in at the national park. The highest point in the back there is the mountain we climbed.

2 Aug 2001, 2:35PM

This is Castillo de Loarre. As you can see its perched on a rock on a big bloody hill. It was well worth the ride to get to it though.

31 Jul 2001, 10:28AM

Snow baking. One way to cool off in the hot Aragon sun.

31 Jul 2001, 9:31AM

This is Tim perched a few hundred metres high on a cliff. He's using some iron pegs that were drilled in there in the 1800's. Glad mum wasn't there to stop that one.

31 Jul 2001, 1:47PM

Today Tim is showcasing the peak that we climbed in the Pyrenees. We climbed about 1.5km all up.

31 Jul 2001, 1:42PM

The mountains, a big plain and a ghetto person. It was very pretty up there.

31 Jul 2001, 3:16PM

Nick perched way above the valley below climbing an overhang. Well kind of.

31 Jul 2001, 2:18PM

Tim's back on the invisible chair. This was a little river of melted snow in a high meadow. The water tasted a treat. No one fell in.