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Location: Spain

Catalunya, the birthplace of LOV-EL-Y Ainhoa, not to mention a few other loco Spanish - Dali, Gaudi to name but a few. So it had to be lovely right? It sure was.

26 Jul 2001, 2:27PM

Another 'Nick mounts things in Europe' photo. Nick didn't want this photo posted. He's sick of copping abuse for having no shirt on. It was actually very hot. We were in the crater of a volcano you know. Why there was a church there is anyones guess.

21 Jul 2001, 3:27PM

Here's Tim on a kayak in Cadaques. We had alot of trouble leaving Cadaques. Could be something to do with the blue sky, water and kayak (ho ho ho). It was full of Swedish girls too.

18 Jul 2001, 7:45PM

This is the museum that Dali made in Figueres. Another Spanish crazy. We loved it in there. It even has Al Capone's cadillac.

28 Jul 2001, 12:29PM

That freak Gaudi designed this Cathedral. They've been building it for 100 years. One English fool was overheard saying 'Well if they worked weekends they might get it done a bit quicker aye love.'

26 Jul 2001, 1:09PM

This is the forest in Olot. Very nice. Nice to walk in. We saw horses too!

23 Jul 2001, 6:31PM

You've seen Paul Brenner's Eiffel Tower, well move over Pauly, you're monument is not enough. If Tim was in an American soap his name would be 'Rock'. So puerile. This was in Cap de Creus a National Park near Cadaques. Beautiful is it not?

28 Jul 2001, 7:55PM

Keen for adrenaline we hopped on board this rickety old cable car for a good view of Barcelona.

26 Jul 2001, 5:19PM

This is Tim amongst the coloured rock of a volcano in Olot.

28 Jul 2001, 10:51PM

Placa de Espana. At night. Spanish and Catalunyan flags flying. We love it here.

28 Jul 2001, 10:34PM

This is the superb fountain in Barcelona. We joined the throngs of tourists to view this one. We're thinking of taking it back to Australia. We need one of these.