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PB London New York

After leaving the Ghetto tour in Carcasonne, France at 11:17AM on the 17th July, 2001, Paul Brenner returned to London one last time to say goodbye to all those friends from the past two years. For some it was emotional, though for most it wasnât. After two weeks in London it was left for Frank to sing: 'Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today, to be a part of it - New York, New York!'

29 Jul 2001, 10:53PM

Sarah, Ruby (dog with the alien eyes) Lui, Tate, Pete (the Matthews) plus PB on the end. Evening following a day in the Surrey countryside made up of a long ride along the Thames. They made PB ride a girls bike... payback for being Australian.

22 Jul 2001, 12:31PM

Just to piss Nick and Tim off. A day at Lords... well only only an hour 20 mins play due to the woeful English. Thanks to Ghettoettes Kerry and Debbie for the ticket.

31 Jul 2001, 4:05PM

St Pauls, named after PB himself. In London for over two years and left till the 2nd last day to visit.

31 Jul 2001, 3:10PM

PB & Andrew Brown at the top of St Pauls. How I'm going to miss those Andrew Brown one liners. My favourite was his response to being asked to physically describe a former largish flatmate 'Well, she's the kind of girl that runs the 100 metres in a minute and half'.

2 Aug 2001, 12:14PM

On top of the world! Well, on top of the World Trade Centre in New York City, tallest building in the city. Mmmmm just suck in that fresh city air.

31 Jul 2001, 11:43PM

The last night of PB in London at the 100 Bar. Left to right is Damian, James, PB, Andrew Brown, Pip T, Pip B, Bruce, Emma and Nick.

3 Aug 2001, 1:01PM

One of the many sculptures outside the United Nations building to promote peace (just for Tim).

2 Aug 2001, 4:30PM

Where it all happens, the New York Stock Exchange on the corner of Wall Street.

4 Aug 2001, 1:44AM

My hosts in New York. Allison, Patrick (from number 15 Cavendish Road fame) and Amy. Paddy wrote me a great two day itinerary and they all took me out for an unforgettable final night in the Big Apple.

3 Aug 2001, 4:42PM

Central Park. Is so number 50 massive that you can easily get lost as PB did. Perfect place to sit down with a hot dog.