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PB Road Trip USA

Location: USA

What a way to finish over three months of traveling. Driving from one side of the USA to the other.... well nearly, Pittsburgh to Seattle to be precise. PBâs long time pal Dana D Greenewald made the big decision to move all the way across the USA so PB tagged along for the adventurous trip.

7 Aug 2001, 10:45PM

After the baseball. Rubbie, Dana and PB with the Pittsburgh skyline in the background. PB got carried away with supporting the Pirates so Rubbie bought him a cap.

7 Aug 2001, 9:49PM

Scully - 'What do you want to do in Pittsburgh', PB - 'Baseball game'. And a baseball game it is thanks to the most generous man in the world, Danaās dad Rubbie. Thatās the Pittsburgh Pirates v the LA Dodgers. Fantastic game, nearly as good as cricket!

10 Aug 2001, 2:56PM

The South Dakota Badlands National Park. Very similar to the formations in Capadoccia, Turkey.

10 Aug 2001, 10:35AM

The Mitchell Corn Palace - only in America. The outside mural has been created with corn cobs!

12 Aug 2001, 3:44PM

Yellowstone grand canyon. The rainbow comes from the awesome spray of the 'lower fall'. The biggest waterfall PB has ever seen.

10 Aug 2001, 8:18PM

The five great Presidents at Mount Rushmore.

12 Aug 2001, 8:31PM

The biggest attraction at Yellowstone has to be Old Faithful. The geyser that goes off every hour and a half and shoots up about 50 metres into the air. We waited for nearly an hour but was definitely worth the wait.

12 Aug 2001, 4:28PM

River at the top of the upper fall in Yellowstone National Park.

14 Aug 2001, 9:07PM

After 3000 miles and over 45 hours of driving we finally made it to Seattle, the home of the coffee shop and new home to Dana. This is the view of the city from gasworks park. This was at about 7pm when all the microsoft employees came out to play on their big yachts.

13 Aug 2001, 7:48PM

PB and Dana Greenewald with the Camry that helped us go over 3000 miles. Favourite traveling song was a bit of UK garage, 'Do you really like it, is it, is it wicked!'