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the netherlands

Location: UK

amsterdam & rottadam

28 Apr 2007, 10:36AM

rottadam,this building used to be one of the biggest in europe (its not big).

28 Apr 2007, 5:18PM

rottadam, on a lake near vosse's holiday house

28 Apr 2007, 8:11AM

this is one of the walls that keep holland from flooding at high tide.

29 Apr 2007, 9:08AM

on vosse's boat at her holiday house in rottadam.

30 Apr 2007, 10:37AM

queen's day amsterdam,its like this everywhere.

28 Apr 2007, 8:39AM

slooth's rottadam

30 Apr 2007, 11:39AM

clay, gratto and daan(local) having some champers and a couple of joints on the edge of a canal in amsterdam .

30 Apr 2007, 9:37AM

people partying on boats everywhere for queen's day.

30 Apr 2007, 2:53PM

clay at the end of queens day amsterdam.