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opening day and the camp site

Location: pamps, Spain

photos of the camp site and opening day before bull run

6 Jul 2007, 7:23AM

not even full yet

6 Jul 2007, 6:10AM

7 30 on our win with suppleys

6 Jul 2007, 7:10AM

shit faced kingy,me,mj and tooly

6 Jul 2007, 8:42AM

starting to fill up

6 Jul 2007, 8:52AM

this is one of the games that are played over the day .

6 Jul 2007, 12:57PM

mj and dan (kiwi) getting a bit of sun

7 Jul 2007, 4:41AM

in the bull pen

7 Jul 2007, 8:08AM

san sabastin. very hung over