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Deserts and Mines

These photos are from early in the trip. When I visited mines and deserts in Western Australia and South Australia. It was hot and beautiful.

This is a big mine. So big it needed two photos. Boof.

Here you can see that Cooberpedy does in fact have a few trees. Still beatiful and rugged.

Cooberpedy - the place with the most trees in the world. Some interesting machinery too.

You know I am having fun because I am doing a handstand. Actually my feet were hot so I had to walk on my hands for a bit.

The Flinders Ranges.

Lovely Mount Gambier.

This is Australia's little Sahara. Actually not even that little.

Some art on the rocks. Beats the graffiti in London.

Living it up in the Natural spa. you can see life is terrible on my trip.

An underground church. No need for aircon.

Oh come on! I cannot sleep here. Ainhoa discovers the Aussie swag.

View of Kal! The place with the most hills.