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People and Animals

Here are some lovely photos of some lovely people and lovely animals. See if you can tell the difference!

And some more ... but I promise that the people are coming soon.

okay, so there are no people or animals in this photo. But I thought you would like to see some more of the Great Ocean Road views.

now for a lovely animal. An emu. It can't fly.

Look a person on the Great Ocean road! Well near it anyway.

Back to people now - its me! Lovely Ainhoa.

Here is a little Aussie battler. A seal who posed for the lovely camera.

My first Aussie Barbie! Not for vegetarians.

Rockclimbing on an indoor wall. So no rocks really. Super Ainhoa again!

Me and my lovely friends.

A seal couple.

Here I am being like Claudia Schiffer in front of the River Torrens.