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Day Off

Location: Browning, MT, USA

Here are a few shots from my day off. I went to the Blackfeet Indian Festival (also known as Indian Days--much like Frontier Days) and then hiked the 7 mile Highline Trail...there wasn't a cloud in the sky all day, beautiful!

8 Jul 2006, 3:12PM

statue when entering the Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Indian Dancing contest competitors

Another dancer

8 Jul 2006, 5:09PM

Past and Present, there were teepees set up all over the place, very cool!

8 Jul 2006, 8:00PM

Shot from the Highline trail, with pretty yellow Glacier Lilies

8 Jul 2006, 5:54PM

East Glacier, St. Mary Lake in the middle.

8 Jul 2006, 8:22PM

Wild Columbine, also all over the place here

8 Jul 2006, 8:00PM

Garden Wall and snow, the turnaround of the trail

8 Jul 2006, 8:33PM

Mountain Goat on the trail, her Kid was right behind her, just a BABY! I was only about 3 feet from her. She was super tame, let me walk right up to here.

8 Jul 2006, 8:22PM

More Columbine

8 Jul 2006, 9:02PM

A DIFFERENT mother and kid, they were all over the trail on the way back. *****mind you, it's almost 8pm by this time...still looks like noon*****