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Location: East Glacier, MT, USA

The second day at Many Glacier I went hiking and came across this Bull Moose. He was easily 7 feet tall!!

In the water, he was eating grass


Me and Bob (from South Carolina), a character that made this trip much more enjoyable!

13 Jul 2006, 11:11AM

Wild Goose Island with the wicked clouds over head

13 Jul 2006, 12:47PM

Lots of water, snow is finally almost completely melted

13 Jul 2006, 12:34PM

The glaciated valley, cool cool clouds

13 Jul 2006, 3:39PM

At the end of a 3 day trip....this morning we were up at 4 to get morning sun again....(didn't get it though, it was raining). I took a little nap while the others were taking pictures on the way out of the park....this was one of Bob's shots :)

13 Jul 2006, 3:36PM

My sweet ride for the summer, another one :)

Check out the stripes in the rocks. The same stripe ran through all the mountains in the was really cool to see. It was all one mountain at SOME time in the past.

11 Jul 2006, 9:35PM

not sure what this one is, can't find it in my flower book

11 Jul 2006, 1:54PM

Spring flowers :Globeflower

11 Jul 2006, 9:32PM

Common Harebell