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Wildlife Shelter

Location: Nr Daylesford, Australia

These are some of the pictures that I took when staying with Jon & Gayle at their wildlife shelter just north of Melbourne.

30 Apr 2007, 1:40AM

The two Alpacas who are not rescues but help keep the animals safe from foxes

30 Apr 2007, 1:36AM

Tahini the Emu at breakfast time

30 Apr 2007, 1:51AM

feeding time

30 Apr 2007, 1:41AM

The house and shelter

28 Apr 2007, 3:29AM


30 Apr 2007, 2:09AM


1 May 2007, 2:59AM

my new pouch

1 May 2007, 1:31AM

New arrival 'Achilles' with Gayle

1 May 2007, 3:08AM

Wombat enclosure

1 May 2007, 3:00AM


1 May 2007, 3:22AM

Digit in Bobby's basket

1 May 2007, 3:20AM