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Location: WHISTLER, Canada

These are just random photos of a few of the ppl i am here with

30 Nov 2004, 2:46PM

The "glacier girls"! the 7 of us who stayed together for the first 2 weeks. (Bechtel, Elly, Amy, Caro, Me, Al, Emily)

28 Nov 2004, 6:29PM

One of the first nights we were here. Mix of ppl from college and Brisbane

30 Nov 2004, 5:41PM

Molly and Al

30 Nov 2004, 5:38PM

Tim Harrison, Bechtel, Elly and Andrew Woodgate

30 Nov 2004, 4:20PM

Me and Al at our place at Glacier Lodge

28 Nov 2004, 6:07PM

Elly and Sam Cottee

11 Dec 2004, 5:15AM

The 7 girls sitting on the floor of the bank trying to scrap together 700 cash for rent....

30 Nov 2004, 5:42PM

Carly and Ash....Girls from College

19 Dec 2004, 6:19PM

This is Tim. Tim is from Melbourne and is living with us in our new house

2 Dec 2004, 3:26PM

Caro and Adam in our Kitchen at Glacier Lodge

2 Dec 2004, 3:27PM

Everyone in our Kitchen again. From the left: Chris Proud, Al, Caro, Adam, Will Pool, Ben Ford

19 Dec 2004, 6:32PM

Me and Will Tynen (have no idea how to spell his last name) the the Crabshack