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London Lane

Location: WHISTLER, Canada

This is our new house

14 Dec 2004, 8:33AM

View of Molly, Elly and Bech from the couch

20 Dec 2004, 7:32AM

Caro and Speedy out the front

14 Dec 2004, 8:45AM

Molly with our Christmas tree which she keeps decorating each day with decorations her mum sent over

14 Dec 2004, 8:44AM

View of creekside from the lounge room. Creekside is the suburb we live in. This looks onto the main shopping area

14 Dec 2004, 9:37AM

Molly asleep on the couch

14 Dec 2004, 9:29AM

Me talking to Mum and Molly

14 Dec 2004, 9:41AM

One of the double beds. Its huge we sometimes sleep 3 people in it

14 Dec 2004, 9:41AM

Brushing her teeth

14 Dec 2004, 9:42AM

From the 3rd level looking into the lounge room

14 Dec 2004, 9:42AM

Another bed in the same room

14 Dec 2004, 9:46AM

My room

14 Dec 2004, 9:43AM

Adam in the Kitchen