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Location: Whistler, Canada

25 Dec 2004, 8:54AM

Andrew Woodgate and I making the cricket bat

25 Dec 2004, 8:54AM

Tim Harrison with the turkey his house cooked.

25 Dec 2004, 9:50AM

Andrew preparing the pitch

25 Dec 2004, 9:46AM

The Boys with the the homemade eski made out of snow

25 Dec 2004, 9:52AM

Elly and I in the street. thats the pink vest i got for christmas

25 Dec 2004, 9:51AM

Tim, Speedy and Scott getting ready to play

25 Dec 2004, 9:54AM

Tim and Speedy showing off their thongs

25 Dec 2004, 9:52AM

Elly and I again

25 Dec 2004, 10:25AM

Perko fielding

25 Dec 2004, 9:55AM

Playing cricket

25 Dec 2004, 5:16PM

The cricket bad that was made. Everyone there signed it. "6716 Crabshack Classic": is the house we were at.

25 Dec 2004, 2:45PM

Just a group shot.