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Fiji and disneyland

14 Feb 2005, 10:46PM

The three of us again with Oscar and Jo two of the islands staff

15 Feb 2005, 2:19PM

Jane, Elly and I on our last day - behind the bar with our new barman friends

13 Feb 2005, 8:50PM

Jane on my back- when we won the dance competition ( knights, mounts and cavalers)

14 Feb 2005, 11:59AM

At a welcome ceremony on another island.

11 Feb 2005, 6:33AM

Elly and Jane on the local bus into Nadi Town- the buses dont have windows or doors

11 Feb 2005, 10:38AM

Beachcomber island

9 Feb 2005, 11:38AM

With mickey in disneyland

9 Feb 2005, 11:17AM

On the rollercoaster in california park

9 Feb 2005, 5:40AM


9 Feb 2005, 8:15AM

With minnie!

9 Feb 2005, 8:42AM

self explainatory

9 Feb 2005, 5:36AM

Mickey again