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Haridwar - Varanasi

Location: Varanasi, India

1 Nov 2005, 7:59AM

The ghats (bathing steps) at Haridwar.

1 Nov 2005, 7:32AM

Pilgrims bathing in the Ganges at Haridwar on Diwali, the Hindu new year.

2 Nov 2005, 10:32AM

A view of the Ganges at Rishikesh, looking past a temple.

2 Nov 2005, 9:04AM

The ashram I stayed at in Rishikesh.

4 Nov 2005, 3:08PM

One of the buddhas inside the stupa.

5 Nov 2005, 12:50PM

The beautiful stupa for World Peace in Dera Dun.

8 Nov 2005, 2:33PM

A temple silhouetted against the sunset.

9 Nov 2005, 7:09AM

The incredible temples at Kajaraho (no closeups here!)

10 Nov 2005, 7:56AM

Playing cricket with the locals in Kajaraho.

9 Nov 2005, 10:42AM

Me being read a story at a volunteer run school for the poor in Kajaraho.

11 Nov 2005, 4:18AM

Suunrise over the Ganges at Varanasi.

11 Nov 2005, 4:46AM

The main bathing ghat at Varanasi.