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Trekking in Nepal

Location: Annapurna Reigon, Nepal

16 Jan 2006, 2:56PM

Our first site of the Annapurna range at sunset.

16 Jan 2006, 6:14AM

Trekking through the villages on the first day.

18 Jan 2006, 8:25AM

Playing hackysack (the national sport of Nepal) with our porters.

18 Jan 2006, 5:30AM

Breakfast under the mountain.

21 Jan 2006, 2:25PM

Mer and Ryan with Matchapachuri in the background.

21 Jan 2006, 8:07AM

Heading up the vally towards base camp.

22 Jan 2006, 4:50AM

Walking back from Annapurna base camp towards Matchapachuri.

22 Jan 2006, 4:20AM

Mum taking a break on the way to Annapurna base camp at sunrise.

24 Jan 2006, 2:34PM

Helping a village girl who'd cut her foot.

24 Jan 2006, 5:48AM

...Just call me Krishna!

26 Jan 2006, 4:22AM

Sunrise over a temple on the last day.

24 Jan 2006, 1:43PM

Crossing home made bridges on the way back.