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Location: Thailand, Thailand

10 Feb 2006, 6:48AM

A huge golden stupa near the temple.

10 Feb 2006, 6:39AM

The temple of the Emerald Buddha.

10 Feb 2006, 8:24AM

A forest of stupas.

10 Feb 2006, 8:09AM

One of the many golden buddhas in the royal compex.

24 Feb 2006, 4:25AM

My Island Bungalow!

10 Feb 2006, 8:38AM

A Cambodian influenced temple across the canal.

1 Mar 2006, 2:30PM

My local beach on Ko Chang.

24 Feb 2006, 7:39AM

Snokelling at some islands near Ko Chang.

1 Mar 2006, 6:36AM

Sipping a fruit shake on island paradise. Cheers!

1 Mar 2006, 11:39AM

The remains of the shoes that have taken me so far.