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Udaiper - Jodpur

Location: Udaiper - Jodpur, India

28 Dec 2005, 2:20PM

The city palace of Udaiper.

28 Dec 2005, 3:47PM

The Udaiper lake palace at dusk.

27 Dec 2005, 5:34PM

Nice party trick, yaah?

27 Dec 2005, 5:17PM

Traditional Rajathani dancing.

31 Dec 2005, 1:44PM

Half of the massive sundial at the ancient Jaiper observatory.

30 Dec 2005, 11:32AM

The massive Amber fort, outside of Jaiper.

3 Jan 2006, 8:20AM

Some kids busking with their dad.

29 Dec 2005, 2:55PM

Traditional Rajasthani musicians.

3 Jan 2006, 1:47PM

The Raja's living areas of the fort

3 Jan 2006, 11:41AM

Jodpur's imposing fort.

2 Jan 2006, 1:59PM

On the way to a village wedding.

2 Jan 2006, 9:11AM

A Rajathani desert woman.