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Jaisalmer & Camel Safari

Location: Jaisalmer, India

8 Jan 2006, 9:38AM

A beautifully carved Jain Temple inside the fort.

5 Jan 2006, 6:27AM

Jaisalmer fort - from a distance it looks like a huge sand castle!

5 Jan 2006, 12:07PM

Heading out across the desert.

5 Jan 2006, 2:18PM

Getting ready to leave on the camel safari.

5 Jan 2006, 8:23AM

The intense gaze of a beautiful desert girl.

5 Jan 2006, 7:41AM

Just call me Lawrence...or Aladin!

6 Jan 2006, 8:01AM

Mum looking as comfortable as a cowboy.

5 Jan 2006, 1:45PM

If the fat-mans-thigh-chafe got too much, you could always get off and try to walk.

7 Jan 2006, 2:23PM

Ryan's camel dressed for the desert.

7 Jan 2006, 6:43AM

Dad having his turban tied by our lead camel man, Khan.