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Kathmandu - Delhi + Safari

Location: Kathmandu - Delhi, Nepal

29 Jan 2006, 1:14PM

Heading down the raging rapids in a dugout canoe, just narrowly missing my thumb.

28 Jan 2006, 1:07PM

Going on an elephant safari in Chitwan National Park.

29 Jan 2006, 7:33AM

Alex\s birthday treat!

29 Jan 2006, 7:41AM

A mother and baby elephant at Chitwan.

1 Feb 2006, 10:27AM

31 Jan 2006, 1:04PM

Two beautiful stupas in Kathmandu.

31 Jan 2006, 2:19PM

Another holy man, the milk baba - apparantly he has drank only milk for the last 25 years!

31 Jan 2006, 2:14PM

A hindu sahdu, or holy man.

3 Feb 2006, 2:46PM

Mahatma Gandhi's cremation pavillion.

3 Feb 2006, 1:38PM

The impressive red fort in Delhi.

7 Feb 2006, 2:55PM

Sunset behind the Bahai lotus temple.

7 Feb 2006, 11:53AM

The seat of government in Delhi (this one is for you mum).