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Busy week in Kuala Lumpur

Location: Malaysia

Islamic banking (which doesn't allow interest) is going modern.

Ben Suffian, Malaysia's first political pollster, said that surveys offer a rare glimpse into the three major ethnic groups' hearts. (Malay, Chinese, and Indian)

Me and my classmate Pippa at lunch with the deputy president of PAS, Malaysia's Islamic opposition party.

Professor Welsh with her good friends at Tenaganita (Women's Power), NGO advocates for Malaysia's half million immigrant laborers.

An Orang Asli ('first people'), who are a race of Pacific descent and predate the Malays by tens of thousands of years.

Photographer/researcher/advocate tells about the current situation of Malaysia's 170,000 indigenous peoples.

His royal highness (from the Sultanate of Kelantan) was very hospitable. Just don't get him started on George Bush...

The NGO Suaram sticks up for people jailed under the Malaysian government's Internal Security Act.

Field trip to the shopping mall!

Dinner with a non-Islamic ethnic Chinese politician. He's got our vote!

Dave scooping rice out of a roasted lamb's belly.

Makeup demo for Muslim women. "It doesn't matter what your skin tone is, if people notice your makeup before they notice you, there's a problem".