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Meetings in KL

Location: Malaysia

The head of the Ministry of Defense's policy department getting a SAIS coffee mug after our talk.

John, an honest lawyer in KL. Not an easy job in a country known for its corrupt judiciary.

The head of Sisters in Islam, a group that stands up to the injustices common in muslim Malaysia.

The fellow in the blue shirt runs Malaysia's only unofficial online news website. Not easy since the government controls and censors the media.

The scruffy guy sitting next to us at a rural coffee shop actually spoke perfect English. He studied agriculture at LSU in the seventies. His son seemed as surprised as we were!

I just liked this guy in a noodle shop.

We toured the huge Petronas oil refinery. Oil wealth is a big part of the Malaysian economy.

Kids at a community center in the Petronas oil refinery. See if you can get the movie link to work, it's cool.

Taking a break in the port town of Malacca.