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First week in Cambodia

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Members of the ECCC or Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Seeking justice under very difficult circumstances.

The author of the first Cambodian textbook that includes the truth about the Khmer Rouge period. A miracle that the government let him print it, and that he's still alive to tell the story!

The calmer side of Phnom Penh.

Meeting the Charge and Economics Counselor at the brand new US Embassy.

Bryan pumping water for a morning shower at our very very rural homestay. Note the bemused local in the background.

Dinner with the editor of the Phnom Penh Post and Tim Page, the Vietnam photographer that Dennis Hopper portrayed in Apocalypse Now.

This study trip to Cambodia was a real reality check, and reminded us all how much work there is to be done in the world...

Decending from the penthouse suite: Professor Brown impressed us all with Vietnam stories and by sleeping on the hard wooden floor without complaining once.

Presenting a SAIS cap to my new boss, Mr. Chenda. He's been a real player in the development of Cambodia, and I'll know a lot more about him and my internship the next time I update this journal.

I can't pass a school without taking foreigners in and embarrassing them... Here we did a short English activity with digital cameras, which the kids had never seen before. Take the poorest school I ever saw in Thailand and multiply it by 3 to see how rough they have it here.

With Son Soubert at the Constitutional Council. He was a leader of the Cambodian anticommunist resistance along the Thai border for many years, too.

Dinner with Ambassador Eng. When he was in DC he cooked noodles every week to entice politicians to his residence. In France he toured the countryside with the exiled King Sihanouk looking for the best European restaurants.