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last photo set from cambodia

Location: Cambodia

Leading activities on a Mekong boat trip organized for representatives from Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, and Cambodian NGOs.

I'd heard rumors that the street kids who feed on tourists gamble with the money and pay a share to the local police chief. Here you can see the blue basket of xeroxed Lonely Planet guidebooks they hawk, and the expression of two 'bosses' who are about to chase me down the street.

Battambong was a hot spot for dry season battles between the Khmer Rouge (backed by the US) and Vietnam (backed by Russia). Fifteen years later, credit cards and money transfers have arrived.

Old French colonial building in Battambong, midway between Phnom Penh and the Thai border. I spent a night here on my way to see Ae in Bangkok.

It's always the right time for a Number One condom! Cambodia has cut its AIDS rate in half since 2001.

The dodgy fellow on the left is an undercover narcotics officer. He took a shine to me because we were both born in the year of the rabbit (1975)and both have a rabbit tattoo (actually mine's a boxing kangaroo, but it was too dark in the bar to tell the difference). He had a nice motorcycle and a concealed handgun.

Angkor Wat is in the town of Siem Reap, which translates as 'Siam (Thailand) Defeated'. Here you can see the temples being repaired with bags of imported Siam Cement.

Obligatory shot of Angkor Wat, where Ae and I went after my internship was over.

This is what most of the temples looked like before Cambodia and international organizations restored them. They're basically just big, heavy, monochromatic Lego sets.

We chose this old fellow to be our driver for 3 days, even though he was mostly deaf and blind, and didn't speak English. You gotta spread the tourist dollars around as much as possible in Cambodia.

And now, as my summer internship and travel blog both come to an end... thanks for reading! Ae and I will soon return to DC, where she has a greencard waiting, and I have a second year at Johns Hopkins SAIS and another internship planned at the Department of Commerce's Southeast Asia (ASEAN) desk.

Here, deep within the ancient temple's inner sanctum, I witnessed a most traditional and timeless Cambodian scene: men shirking work to play cards.