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Oaxaca & Mazunte

Location: Mexico

25 Jan 2005, 9:05AM

A typical restaurant on Mazunte beach

23 Jan 2005, 12:17PM

The colourful Oaxaca markets

25 Jan 2005, 6:00PM

Watching the sunset with Braze & Byrd

23 Jan 2005, 2:29PM

More food markets in Oaxaca

26 Jan 2005, 4:24PM

The hammocks in our bedroom!

25 Jan 2005, 6:20PM

A beautiful sunset

25 Jan 2005, 9:57PM

Celebrating Australia Day with our German friends

25 Jan 2005, 6:23PM

The sun sets over the ocean

28 Jan 2005, 11:03AM

Itīs all about the Mo!

26 Jan 2005, 9:04AM

Our bedroom in Mazunte

29 Jan 2005, 7:12AM

And it rises over the ocean..