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Ruins (Palenque & Tikal)

Location: Guatemala

1 Feb 2005, 1:58PM

Agua Azul - right at the front of our campsite

1 Feb 2005, 10:18AM

Our travelling mexican amigo joining our daily exercise routine

2 Feb 2005, 9:47AM

Palenque Ruins

2 Feb 2005, 9:21AM

Palenque Ruins

3 Feb 2005, 10:14AM

Our jungle boat ride to the Guatemalan border

2 Feb 2005, 10:07AM

Palenque Ruins

4 Feb 2005, 7:13AM

The amazing Tikal ruins

3 Feb 2005, 5:49PM

A beautiful sunset in Flores - Guatemala

4 Feb 2005, 10:54AM

Tikal Ruins

4 Feb 2005, 7:39AM

Tikal Ruins

4 Feb 2005, 11:08AM

Tikal Ruins towering above the jungle canopy