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Volcan de Agua

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

6 Feb 2005, 6:34AM

Our chicken bus to the village at the base of the Volano

5 Feb 2005, 5:51PM

Volcan de Agua at sunrise

6 Feb 2005, 12:04PM

Looking a little knackered as the views get better

6 Feb 2005, 9:58AM

Still smiling on the way up..

6 Feb 2005, 12:53PM

The crater

6 Feb 2005, 12:22PM

Notice the active volcano in the background

6 Feb 2005, 4:21PM

On the way home the chicken bus was a little crowded..

6 Feb 2005, 4:16PM

Some Guatemalan chicos

6 Feb 2005, 6:32PM

A well deserved cervesa at the end of a big day

6 Feb 2005, 4:26PM we decided to move to the roof!