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Volcanos Pacaya & Acatenango

Location: Guatemala

10 Feb 2005, 5:16PM

Volcan de Pacaya - Cam leaning into the super strong winds

10 Feb 2005, 5:07PM

Volcan de Pacaya - notice the lava in the background

11 Feb 2005, 6:01PM

Our very generous host and her 7 ninos

10 Feb 2005, 5:36PM

Volcan de Pacaya - The cold and windy ascent

12 Feb 2005, 2:16PM

Volcan de Acatenango - On top of the world! (or at least 4000m)

12 Feb 2005, 12:21PM

Volcan de Acatenango - Walking on the summit with amigos

12 Feb 2005, 6:08PM

Volcan de Acatenango - the crater lip

12 Feb 2005, 6:04PM

Volcan de Acatenango - sunset with the active Volcan de Fuego

12 Feb 2005, 6:10PM

Volcan de Acatenango - oh what a sunset

12 Feb 2005, 6:09PM

Volcan de Acatenango - the most magical sun set

13 Feb 2005, 6:22AM

Volcan de Acatenango - our camp site in the was VERY chilly

12 Feb 2005, 6:35PM

Volcan de Acatenango - Fuego putting on a show