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24 Feb 2005, 9:15AM

Diving on the Caribbean

19 Feb 2005, 3:21PM

The markets at Chichicastenango - Guatemala

24 Feb 2005, 5:34PM

A beautiful Caribbean sunset

21 Feb 2005, 8:48PM

City of Copan Ruinas - Honduras

26 Feb 2005, 12:35PM

Welcome to Nicaragua!

26 Feb 2005, 11:52AM

Cam bargaining hard with the money hawkers on the border

27 Feb 2005, 10:50AM

A Nicaraguan family who were very keen for a photo!

27 Feb 2005, 10:43AM

Typical street in Nicaragua

27 Feb 2005, 1:34PM

Cam giving pens to the ninos

27 Feb 2005, 1:00PM

Our typical meals in the markets