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Nicaragua & Costa Rica

Location: Costa Rica

5 Mar 2005, 9:53AM

The crater lip, very cold but the ground too hot to sit on and lots of sulphuric acid

5 Mar 2005, 11:57AM

Our hike up the 2nd steepest volcano in the world....Volcan de Concepcion, Nicaragua

5 Mar 2005, 5:45PM

The view of the volcano from our porch

5 Mar 2005, 2:22PM

A well deserved relax after the volcan

8 Mar 2005, 6:42AM

Costa Rica - the ferry ride to Montezuma beach

7 Mar 2005, 7:28AM

The ferry ride from Ometepe Island

9 Mar 2005, 3:12PM

Tarzan Jane (well Sue at least)

8 Mar 2005, 4:36PM

The amazing waterfalls (and body!)

10 Mar 2005, 8:33AM

Costa Rica, Montezuma - Deserted beach near the village

10 Mar 2005, 6:28AM

Costa Rica, Montezuma - The view from inside our tent right on Montezuma beach

10 Mar 2005, 8:34AM

Costa Rica, Montezuma - a walk to more waterfalls