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Venezuela - Los Nevados

Location: Venezuela

20 Mar 2005, 8:13AM

From the top of the worlds highest and longest cable car... altitude could certainly be felt at 4775m

20 Mar 2005, 8:03AM

Pico Bolivar from the cable car... 5007m

20 Mar 2005, 5:10PM

The gorgeous Los Nevados set right on the edge of a mountain

20 Mar 2005, 9:49AM

On the way to Los Nevados, a tiny village set in the mountains

21 Mar 2005, 6:22AM

So the next day we decided to mule it back!

20 Mar 2005, 1:24PM

Los Nevados couldnt have come sooner for our tired feet!

21 Mar 2005, 8:19AM

Stretching very sore legs from the mule ride...

21 Mar 2005, 6:33AM

The view on the track to Los Nevados

21 Mar 2005, 8:42AM

At least we could enjoy the view though

21 Mar 2005, 8:28AM

Enjoying the mule ride.. except for a sore butt!

21 Mar 2005, 9:49AM

Amazing views from the track