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Colombian Jungle Tour

Location: The Lost City, Colombia

23 Mar 2005, 2:57PM

Coca plantation

23 Mar 2005, 8:38AM

Our broken down truck (again) on the way to the jungle

24 Mar 2005, 4:30AM

The ¨Cocaine Factory¨ in the jungle

23 Mar 2005, 3:21PM

The disgusting coca leaves

24 Mar 2005, 4:51AM

Mixing some of chemicals... definately not an exact science!

24 Mar 2005, 4:31AM

First step of the process involves dancing on the leaves in gumboots!

24 Mar 2005, 5:09AM

Smelling the stinky liquid

24 Mar 2005, 4:57AM

Adding a bit of this and a bit of that

25 Mar 2005, 6:35AM

Our bedroom for the night

24 Mar 2005, 5:24AM

The hidden factory in the jungle

22 Mar 2005, 8:45PM

Our travelling buddies